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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Project!

Last week I had a meeting with a woman working on a project for Alexandra's fundraiser. She had a brilliant idea and we are moving forward with this project, which will be a bit of a surprise!
This project is special because it doesn't just include Alexandra, it includes loss babies everywhere. I am writing today to ask all the loss families out there if they would like to have their child's NAME included in this project. If you would like your baby's name included, please let me know! I will take pictures of all the names and get them to you all.
The fundraiser isn't until April 28th, so the pictures won't be up until then, but I will need at least 100 names, ASAP.

Friday, February 17, 2012

More Awareness, More Hope For the Future

In January I was interviewed by a very kind woman from CBC radio. She was doing a story on Infant Loss and what programs my city has available.
I wanted to share the story, and with it, possibly some hope, that with every bit of awareness we bring, we step closer to removing that awkwardness surrounding our losses. | The Homestretch | Infant loss