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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lauren's Walk

Today we got to attend Lauren's Walk. A walk and butterfly release in honor of Lauren, a little girl who was lost too soon.
It was wonderful to meet more loss moms. Though I kind of feel like wonderful isn't the best word to use, it's not wonderful to hear about someone else having lost their child, but to know that other people understand just what I've gone through, it's like coming into a room full of old friends.
It was cold and rainy, but well worth braving the weather. They had signs for so many babies, with messages from the families. Alexandra's sign had a quote from the book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. And not only did Alexandra get a sign, but the baby we lost to an ectopic miscarriage this past February got a sign as well. It was touching to see them and know that everyone there was going to read my little girls name.

And as Dayne released his butterfly, he whispered to it "Tell Alexandra that I love her and she's beautiful"

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  1. Oh Dayne, melt my heart! Sounds like a lovely event.

    x <3 o