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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Has Alexandra Made a Footprint on Your Heart?

Alexandra has changed everything about me, everything about who I am and what I find important. She has impacted my life in such a profound way. I could write here every day for the rest of my life and never convey the actual amount that my life, beliefs and views have changed because of, and in spite of, my loss.
Sometimes people will contact me and tell me that they are thinking of me or that Alexandra's story has touched their life, or has helped them to understand what loss families are going through.
It is amazing to me that my little angel could reach so many people, people all over the world. Not just loss families, but ALL families.
I'm not done though, Alexandra isn't done making an impact on this world. For now though, I am grateful for every comment, every phone call, every email, every person who lets me know that Alexandra has left a little footprint on their heart.
Thank you.


  1. Hi, Melissa
    I am posting anon because I don't have any accounts to log on to but I wanted to let you know, I first saw link to your blog on BBC about 6 mo ago. Although, I haven't personally lost a child and I cant imagine how it must be to live with something so tragic I wanted to tell you Alexandra's story definitely touched my heart in many ways. She and her story changed my perspective on life.

  2. You are so very brave and I honestly believe you have made a difference in the lives of many women in Calgary (and beyond) who are (sadly) experiencing similar losses after yours.....I know this is not the path you would have chosen but be proud about the path you have chosen to follow after.