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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This morning I had an amazing moment.
Dayne is sick. We were up most of the night so our morning got started a little late. Between getting some cleaning done, tending to this poor sicky and trying to take care of myself, I have been a little bit busy. Much later than usual I climbed into the shower. We have a window in our shower, that should be opened to let the steam out whenever you shower, but I usually forget.
Today was one of those rare days that I remembered to open the window. Now, perhaps this is too much sharing, but as I was bent over shaving my legs, something blocked some of the sun coming in the window. I glanced up, expecting...well, expecting nothing really, I wasn't even really aware of the glancing, it was basically an instinct, something blocked the light, so I looked up. When I looked up, I saw something amazing.
It was a bird tail. I gasped and took a closer look. The bird was moving around, it had landed silently on the house outside the window. Maybe the shower steam had drawn it's attention, maybe it was just a total fluke, but there it was. I moved quietly to see it's head, the bird was brown and I was thinking to myself, "there's no way..." But as I saw the birds face, I realized...this wasn't just any old bird. This was a hawk! This doesn't make sense to me, being that it's December and hawks migrate in the fall, but this was a hawk, I am positive of it.
As I stood there, it flew to the neighbor's roof and perched. I grabbed my glasses to get a really good look at it, but it was gone when I turned back around. Completely silent, it graced my day and completely silent, it flew away...

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