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Friday, December 3, 2010

Sittin on my plateau

Six months ago I never would have thought that I would go one day without writing, let alone several! I mean, besides being busy, I just have not been able to think of anything to say. I'm sitting in here on my little plateau, looking out as the rest of the world goes by and I there is nothing of substance running through my head.
Tomorrow is the day I get my tattoo, and I am excited! The woman that was supposed to do it got back to me and told me that I could go in tomorrow and of course I said yes. The picture she drew up is amazing. I'll post pictures after it's done, so everyone can see it.
Tonight there's is a candlelight service for families that have lost a child and I will be there thinking of my little Alexandra.
Other than these things, we are slowing getting in the mood for Christmas. Seeing all of the little girl Christmas gifts is hard. I'm really concerned about how this Christmas will be for us. I don't think that it will be easy, in fact, I'm afraid for how difficult it's going to end up.

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  1. When I first started blogging, I had an entry in my mind every single day...then it started to get less and less. Hoping these holidays are gentle for you and I'll of course be thinking of your Alexandra. (((HUGS)))