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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Christmas Wish

Christmas is less than a week away. I am unsure of how I will feel that day. I already have plans to stop at the cemetery after we open gifts to drop off Alexandra's "first Christmas" bear that I bought. I get a lump in my throat thinking about that day. It makes me sad that we won't be showing off our little princess that day...Instead, I will be showing off my memorial tattoo.
It's hard and we are sad over here. But, for reasons Dayne related, we can't cancel Christmas this year and stay in bed...I wish we could.
I posted last month about my Christmas wish. I asked for people to do random acts of kindness and send them along to us. I am touched by the response we've gotten, some perfect strangers have done amazing random acts in memory of our Alexandra.
At this time, I wanted to bring it up again, so those people that missed that post can see one or those that have forgotten can remember!
Thank you all for your support and kind words...I didn't realize when I started this blog that there would be so many kind people that would offer their support. It has really touched my heart.

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