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Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Tattoo...

Well, it was a rocky road, but yesterday was my tattoo appointment. The night that I got the call that I could come in was a week, to the day, before. I couldn't sleep that night, I was so excited. I got the email on Thursday with the artists idea and it was so perfect, not one little thing had to be changed, I loved it! It was exactly what I wanted, and even better than I had envisioned.
My excitement was at a minimum until yesterday, around 3:00pm, when my appointment was an hour away and we were preparing to leave. As we drove, I commented on how I was afraid it would hurt, and the excitement of it all, combined with the amount of coffee I had consumed had me just jittery.
We drove around downtown looking for a place a park, and when we finally found one, Steve walked me to the building. An old building, which we discovered is actually the very first skyscraper in Alberta! It's just so small, it's comical to think that it was once considered a sky scraper.
The floors are all old hardwood, the building has this feeling about it, like it's almost magical. The energy of all of those before, is still there, hanging out, welcoming people into the old place. We took the stairs to the second floor. One of the things I love about old buildings is the floor. It's so loud. You can always hear people coming.
We walked down the hallway, nearly to the end and into the tattoo shop. A tiny place with one wall of windows, looking out into downtown. The other walls were red halfway up, and then white. The walls were covered in artwork, Egyptian artwork, drawings, paintings, little mirrors shaped like birds, some awards. The rest of the room had tables with Buddha's, a large Ganesha, a huge vase filled with flowers and peacock feathers. The bookshelf had books about anatomy, birds, warriors and Taoism. The feel was eclectic and comfortable. This was a place that had an energy of complete openess, of non judgement and peace. As I sat there waiting, I knew that I was in the right place. Later I would tell Steve that all the pitfalls on the road to getting this tattoo were for a reason, Alexandra wanted me to be in that place, on that day, having that artist doing my tattoo.
And she picked the right person, because my tattoo is perfect in every way...and well worth the pain ;-)


  1. Where did you get it done? By whom?

  2. I had it done at Scarlet Ink, by Veronique. She really did an amazing job.

  3. What a beautiful remembrance of your daughter. I'm sure she's smiling down on it, loving it as much as you do.

  4. Its absolutely perfect!!!! <3

  5. Absolutely worth the wait, I'd say!
    It is a.mazing!!


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