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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Bracelet

Not long after we had Alexandra, a dear friend of mine sent me a bracelet. It was a Tiffany style charm bracelet, it had a heart charm with Alexandra's name and birth date on one side and the words "Always and forever" on the other side. It is beautiful and I love it. I would wear the bracelet every single day.
Before I leave the house I put on my jewellery. Most days I wear my engagement ring, my Alexandra bracelet on my left arm and my pregnancy and infant loss awareness bracelet on my right arm. Because Monday was a special day I wore more jewellery than I usually wear. I carefully put it all on and listened as my bracelet jingled while I walked around the house.
At some point I stopped listening to the jingle, probably around the time I ran out the door. When I arrived at the dinner, I took off my jacket and went to adjust my bracelets, as I always do. At the moment I realized that my bracelet was gone. There were marks on my arm from it, so we thought it couldn't have gone far. My friend who had accompanied me told me not to worry, we would find it. She was calm, outside I was trying to appear calm, inside I was freaking out. I almost cried. The bracelet is important to me, it means so much.
We followed our steps back through the hall and asked if anyone had turned it in. No luck. We had no more time to walk back to the car to look for it, dinner was going to start.
My friend kept reassuring me "Don't worry, we'll find it. If we don't find it tonight, we'll come back tomorrow" I was grateful for her understanding about how important the bracelet was. She felt so bad she even bought me another bracelet...which I love, of course. There are two charms on the bracelet, a baby blue heart, which was there because they were to celebrate a baby boy (Scott Smed) but I felt it suited Dayne also, and she bought a butterfly charm to represent Alexandra. The bracelet also jingles and is so pretty.
Still, it's not my original bracelet, and I HAD to find it. When the dinner was over, we walked back to the car, looking at the ground, searching for my bracelet. We got to the car with no luck, so we searched my seat in the car and the floor and nothing. I was starting to think that I would never find it, I was so upset! My friend pointed out that we should ask about it at the pro shop, maybe someone had found it. So, away we went. A young man spoke with us, he seemed confused at first, I didn't think he had found the bracelet. After a second, his eyes lit up, he said "Wait, is it silver?" and I said "Yes!" He smiled and turned around to grab his coat, he fished around in the pocket and pulled my broken bracelet out of his pocket and explained that he had found it on the path. I was SOOOO relieved!
When I got home and explained to Steve what happened he was amazed that we had found the bracelet. He told me that we would have it fixed so I can wear it again.
I know I give credit to Alexandra for a lot of things, but I truly believe that she plays a huge roll in my life and I do believe that she had a hand in my bracelet getting back to me. Tiny little hands were at work there.
And I am so grateful for my new bracelet too!


  1. I'm SO happy you found your bracelet! What a sweet little girl to help her Mommy out :)


  2. I am so glad you were able to find it!