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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Scott Smed Invitational

Yesterday was a very special day. A few weeks ago I was asked to share Alexandra's story for a brochure to be used at the Scott Smed Invitational. Shannon and Peter Smed are an amazing couple that have done the most wonderful things for my city. 10 years ago they lost their son Scott, and their experience at the hospital was not very good. They made it their mission to not have any other parents go through the same experience.
It is thanks to Shannon and Peter Smed that Steve and I were able to stay in that very special room at the hospital when we had Alexandra. The Scott Smed Family Rooms. A peaceful and gentle place to experience the most horrific event of our lives...You would think we would hate that day and everything about it, including the room, but that special place had the opposite effect. It was a magical place where time stopped while we held our baby.
Every year, for the past 10 years, Peter and Shannon Smed have held the Scott Smed Invitational. It is a full day event for many. These wonderful people who have donated their money and their time to spend on such an amazing cause. I felt honored to tell Alexandra's story for them, and even more honored when they asked if I would attend the dinner and if they could include Alexandra's name in a slide show dedicated to our angel babies.
As we arrived we were greeted with tables of silent auction items and table of souvenirs. We were led in and given baby blue t-shirts, baby blue for baby Scott. When we found our table we sat for a while, but before we knew it it was time to eat. We all filed out to the buffet that was filled with salads, vegetables, and chicken or roast beef. It was such a nice dinner. When everyone was done eating, we were served coffee and the speeches began, Shannon thanked so many people, it was absolutely heart warming to see so many people, joined in the same room to celebrate our babies.
As the Calgary Boy Choir sang there was a small slide show that showed pictures of the Scott Smed Family Rooms in the different hospitals. As the picture of the room we stayed in popped up, I choked back tears. It looked exactly as it was when we were there, I remembered sitting and staring at the lights on the wall and thinking about how nice they were. I wondered at that time if I would remember those lights forever, and I think I will.
As the night carried on, there was a live auction, cupcakes with baby blue icing, to celebrate Scott Smed's birthday,  stories were shared and tears were shed. And of course, the slide show that was dedicated to all of our babies. Alexandra's name was the very first name that popped up and I cried.
There were many times throughout the night that I thought it was too hard, and maybe I shouldn't have come this year, but in the end, I am so glad that I got to be a part of something so amazing, something so special. I have been left grateful to know that so many people care.
On the way out, I bought a baby blue teddy bear for Dayne. I told him it was a very special bear from a little boy that also didn't get to go home from the hospital. We agreed that, just maybe, he is showing Alexandra around heaven right about now. And Dayne said his new bear is very special.
If you would like to learn more about Peter and Shannon Smed and the the Scott Smed Foundation, you can check out their website:

Dayne's bear, with Alexandra's Treasure Bean at the Scott Smed Invitational.

Alexandra's story in the brochure.

The wonderful momentos I went home with.


  1. That is so touching!! I am in tears, so moved. <3

  2. Melissa dearest I have not forgotten about you and Alexandra. I have lost my computer completely please forgive me for not getting to you sooner. I think about yall all the time I have lost Alexandra's pictures in the computer disaster unfortunately. I was very upset. Please know that I still think about her often and I'm sorry its taken me so long to get to you