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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Christmas Wish

Like the rest of my loss mommy friends, if I could wish for anything, I would wish to have my daughter, here with me, living and happy. But, wishes like that don't come true, sadly. So, I am making a more realistic wish, and I'm bringing it to everyone that reads this. Everyone reading is capable of helping my Christmas wish come true! And I'm bringing it up this early so that everyone has time.
I was reading something that another loss mom had done for her baby's first Christmas. They had bought a stocking and asked their family and friends to do a random act of kindness in memory of her child and send them to her. They filled the stocking and read the notes that everyone had sent on Christmas day.
I love this idea and think it's a wonderful way to include Alexandra in Christmas, so that is what I'm going to do. And I'm hoping that people will spread this around and I will get lots of notes and emails and letters in the mail telling me about the kindness they are spreading for Alexandra.
And maybe this is an idea that will help some other loss moms to celebrate their Christmas with the memory of their baby.


  1. I have a post in the works right now about doing this too. I just did my first act of kindness today. It felt so good and I trust it is going to be just what I need to focus on during this first Christmas without Mikayla. It feels good to have something positive to focus on instead of the grief, although I'm sure grief will get it's fair share as well

  2. What a wonderful idea! Will you be posting your address so we can send something special about our act(s) for the stocking? I can't wait help Alexandra be with your on this special day.

  3. If someone would like to mail their random acts of kindness to me, they can email for my address and I will pass it along to them. If they would prefer to just email them, they can do so by emailing:


  4. What a wonderful idea!

    For Alexandra, I will be praying a rosary for all the babies who have passed away, and that their families will find peace for the holiday season. I will do this on the Eve of Thanksgiving, to keep them in thoughts for all the tough holidays ahead.