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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Tattoo

I have three tattoos and had always planned for several more. I know exactly what I want. When we lost Alexandra, my cute little fairy tattoo that I had planned for her turned into a memorial tattoo. I had the idea all worked out in my mind and I asked Steve to please get me that tattoo for my birthday. Steve agreed.
My birthday was August 6th.
I know what I want, it just needs to be drawn and put on my arm (inner forearm-ish). So, we contacted Steve's first choice. I emailed the artist and explained what I wanted and then I waited. I waited and I waited and I did not hear back from the artist. I wanted the tattoo to be done before Alexandra's memorial, but as the date approached, I could tell it wasn't going to happen. After a while, I gave up and did some research of my own. I discovered a tattoo place in my city that is supposed to be really great. When I checked out their website, I found an artist that I liked and I emailed her. I waited and I waited and I heard nothing back. After a while I gave up on the reply email and just called. I left a message and I waited. I waited and I waited and did not receive a return phone call.
After an angry email, I took to Google. I found another place that looked nice. The website was nice, the artists work was amazing, I was excited and I emailed. I didn't have to wait this time, because the artist called me and after some telephone tag, I finally got in contact with the artists assistant. We booked my consultation this morning at 10:30. When Steve was booked to work last night, I frantically made other arrangements to get there and for childcare for Dayne and I made my way downtown, arriving at the building with five minutes to spare.
I knocked on the closed door. No one answered. I knocked some more, still nothing. A woman from another business poked her head and told me that I should take a seat, I may need to wait a few minutes. So I sat and I waited. And I waited and I waited and I waited. And at ten minutes past 11am, I gave up and I left. As I explained to my step dad (my ride) that she did not show up, I had to work hard to prevent myself from crying. But when I got home and saw that Steve had made it home from work I burst into the bedroom and said "She didn't even show up, you know!" and after having worked all night, Steve was greeted by my flood gates opening and tears pouring down my face.
I just want Alexandra's memorial tattoo. I explained to all three of the artists how important this tattoo was and what it's for and it seems that I am the only one that cares. The whole idea of the tattoo seems tainted now, like the happy memory of Alexandra will not be attached to it, rather, I will remember the run around I got and crappy people can be, any time I look at it. But I don't want to go back to the drawing board and think of a new idea, I like this one.
Today I am feeling sorry for myself. Today I wanted to stay in bed and cuddle with Dayne, but I dragged myself out and for what?


  1. I am so very sorry. I have only just found your blog and am so angry for you! I have a few memorial tattoos myself and am also planning another. My experience has not been the same as yours, but it has had its ups and downs (bit of blowout on one piece). I HOPE you can find someone right to do this work for you.. thinking of you and Alexandra...

  2. So sorry those people are being so crummy. I hope you find the perfect person to do that special tattoo. I plan to get one but not until next year, probably for my angels' birthday.

  3. That is so terrible. WTF, unprofessional jerks. Please go onto yelp or another site and give them poor reviews. :( I wish you were here in Austin, my girl who did mine is a blm and is AMAZING.

  4. I feel your frustration!

    I live in Yellowknife and get out to Edmonton every once in a while where I hope to get my memorial tattoo done. I had called and emailed a few places where I never heard back from anyone. So.freakin'.frustrating. I understand they are busy but what kind of business offers a contact number and/or email address but does not have the courtesy to answer back?!!

    I did find one artist who was very willing to do my tattoo for me but he does not work on Saturdays and books a month and a half at the very least in advance. Then all of a sudden he was no longer with the same shop and I had to Google search like a mad woman to find him again... which I did, phew, however... not so easy to get it done when I am not even in the province. I guess that is what happens when you are a talented artist... you can pick and choose.

    I am sorry that you have faced so many hurdles. I understand wanting it so badly. I really wanted to have mine done before Claire's EDD... nope. Then her first birthday... nope. Now I am hoping to have it done before her 2nd EDD? Fingers crossed.

    I hope that you can find someone talented and reliable soon. I know the aching feeling of wanting it so badly. I feel like I have been waiting forever. I just want to be able to look down at my wrist and see her sweet handprint there with me at all times.

    Good luck!!


  6. Oh honey... I am so sorry. Talk about insult to injury. This just isnt fair. :(