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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The New

I've had blond hair longer than I can remember. It was very blond when I was little, got a little darker as I got older. As an early teen it was a dark blond, possibly a light brown and that's when I started dying it blond. I've had a million different shades, from bright to strawberry to almost the same color as my skin. I always thought it suited me, sore I'd never go any other color and even when I gave in last year and tried a darker color, I had so many highlights put in that you really couldn't notice any light brown hair in there.
About a month ago, I dyed my hair brown. No highlights, just light brown. I felt different, it wasn't the same old Melissa in the mirror. It was new and I needed it. I loved it so much that a few days ago, I went darker, to a medium brown. It even more different, something even more new, and I love it.
I talked about my coffee ritual, the thing that is different and this is another one of those different things. I wonder, maybe if I shake off all the regular, maybe I can move forward, with Alexandra at my side, in a positive way. Maybe, if I shake off all of the old, and bring in some new, it will help me to peel away some of the really dark grief.
My hair has never been darker, but my hope is brighter than it's been in a while.


  1. Aww, what a great post. Doing things to make yourself feel better on the outside certainly can help to brighten your world on the inside!


  2. I bet you look fantastic with darker hair! It would really bring out your eyes.

  3. Aww, I bet you look great! And Alexandra thinks so too. :)