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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birth Certificates

We did not get an official certificate of birth or a certificate of stillbirth. We got a really beautiful certificate of life from the hospital. It was printed out and filled in by one of the nurses. It says:
This is to acknowledge the life of Alexandra Elizabeth Monique
silently born to Melissa and Steven. It has the hospital, her birthday, weight and length as well as the nurses that helped us during our stay.
At the very bottom it says "In memory of my small gentle presence which touched the lives of all who knew me. With the greatest love they have ever known"
I didn't know that some people are fighting to get a birth certificate of some sort for their babies. I was so heartbroken to find this out.
This was posted on another board and the mom gave me permission to share it with you all. It is for all of those mommies that didn't get a birth certificate.


  1. Oh, that's beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    Georgia does a certificate of stillbirth so I'm waiting on Lily's acknowledgement as we speak...

  2. Because our babies were born alive, but lived such a short time, we are still fighting- 2 and 3 years later almost- for birth certificates. It's so hard when people want to discount a person because their lives, to them at least, didnt make a big enough difference. We'll fight until their isnt air left in our bodies. They deserve that piece of paper; it's all we can give them on this earth.