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Monday, August 9, 2010


Sundays have almost always been our family day. When Steve isn't working we take day trips, we go to the zoo, the science center, fun, family things. When Steve is working, Dayne and I hang out, we watch cartoons, we cuddle, we play quiet games, just the two of us. We always schedule Dayne's birthday parties for a Sunday. It's a day when memories are made.
We started our family Sundays because it was the only day that Steve could ever get off work in the summer, and it stuck. Now, we've added something else to our Sundays. It's the day when our entire family is the cemetery. Sundays, usually at night, before Dayne goes to bed, we file into the car and head to the cemetery.
Dayne plays at the park while Steve and I sit on the cement above Alexandra's grave and talk. Sometimes Steve fusses at Dayne to be careful where he walks, or not to go near the road, sometimes Dayne fusses at Steve to play a game of superheroes, and sometimes, it's just a perfect, quiet moment. Always though, no matter who is talking or who is fussing, it's a picture of our family. It's a few moments that always shows exactly what our family looks like, how we are, WHO we are. And on our Sundays, in the cemetery, I feel that there's no disputing where Alexandra is. In those family moments, she is there with us, no questions about "Do you think she's here with me now?" no "She's always in your heart" Alexandra is really and truly there with us, our family is really and truly complete, in those moments, in the cemetery.