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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Three Month Birthday, Alexandra

Today it has been three months since my sweet Alexandra was born. Three months and two days since we found out that our angel would not be born living.
This morning I woke up feeling like I had something to do, but I can't figure out what. Last night I went to bed feeling like something was missing from my arms.It's been like that for a little while now. I feel as if my body is now realizing that I should be caring for a baby right now, but I'm not.
Today I will be extra gentle on myself. I will work on a few projects I have been wanting to get started for Alexandra. I will give Dayne extra hugs.
To do something in Alexandra's memory today, I have started another blog, dedicated to making the pebble pictures that I have made for some of my readers and fellow Angel Mommies. I have no pictures for the blog yet, if you would like a picture done, please email me ( if I have made a picture for you and you would like me to post it on that blog, please comment or email me and let me know.

Happy 3 Month Birthday My Sweet Angel


  1. Happy 3 months Alexandra....I "met" you through Maggie's blog...I am so sorry about your gentle on yourself today...xoxo...I suggested the name Alexandra's Angels on BBC....(yes that is me lol)....have you come up with a name?

  2. Happy 3 months to sweet Alexandra!! I love the name "Alexandra's Angels" for your other blog! :) I hope today was peaceful for you. XO

  3. Happy 3 months, beautiful. <3

  4. happy bday and hugs... feel free to post the pics. :)

  5. You can use Kaylas picture on your blog.

  6. Happy 3 month birthday sweet Alexandra! (sorry my wishes are late) Sending you many *hugs*