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Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19th, 2010

Last night we took Dayne to buy a bike. It was a special surprise for him. Our plan was to buy the bike and then go to the cemetery and after that, take Dayne for a bike ride. When he found out we were going to the cemetery he asked if he could ride his bike there. This was a special thing, to have his sister watch him ride his bike.
We got to the cemetery and I went and sat at Alexandra's grave. I adjusted her teddy bears, like I always do. I fixed her pinwheel and the flower that my sister had left there. Steve had taken Dayne bike out and was letting him ride on the grass, near the road. We didn't want him to be too close to the graves, but not on the road either.
So, as Dayne rode his bike, Steve chased after him, "No, Dayne, don't ride into the bushes!" "Be careful, don't go on the road!" "The brakes, hit the brakes!" Dayne laughed as he does when Steve gets really nervous about something he's doing and I sat there, beside Alexandra's resting place. I smiled. I had a few moments where our family felt truly complete. I told Alexandra, "This is what you would hear all the time at home" That moment, was one of the happiest I have had. Our family was all there, together, sharing a moment, a truly happy moment.