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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Treasure Beans

Not too long ago I was told about a site called Treasure Beans. A mother on a support board that I'm on said that a woman painted the names of babies that have passed away on pebbles. After she paints the pebbles, she takes pictures of them. You can buy the stone or a disc with the pictures or you can have her keep it safe for you, while the pictures of it are showcased on her site.
I went to the site, I looked at all the treasure beans and I cried. So many losses. It's really heartbreaking. But, at the same time, it's truly touching to see someone taking such heartache, such pain and turning it into something so beautiful. I looked at every single picture, at every single name and I hoped that they were all playing with my Alexandra.
I emailed the woman that owns the site. I told her about my story and asked her to please, make a treasure bean for my daughter. I received an email back from a woman named Casey, her story was so similar to mine and she was so understanding.
This morning when I checked my email I received a wonderful surprise. Casey had emailed me with the pictures she took of my daughter's stone. That one email made my day. There were three pictures and they were absolutely beautiful.
I called Steve as soon as I saw them and told him, I was so excited, I wanted to share them with everyone. I told him that now, everyone will see our daughters name. I struggle with the fact that she doesn't seem as real to everyone else as she was to us. People don't understand as deeply as we do that she was real, she was our daughter and she was REAL. These pictures and this stone, they make her so much more real to so many people.
I want to share this site with everyone. Anyone that has experienced a loss needs to know about this woman and how she is helping people to heal with her talents.

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  1. Oh it's beautiful!!! Alexandra was REAL, that's for sure. And you'll always be her Mommy and she'll always be your daughter. I love that site, she does magnets too by the way! :)(((HUGS)))