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Friday, June 11, 2010

Your Comments

I check my blog frequently. I check it a lot more than I write. When someone leaves a comment, I read it. I have read every single comment that has been left on every single entry I have made. I don't really know what proper blog etiquette is, should I comment back on the comments? Do people go back and check? I replied a few times and wondered if the replies went unread or if the people had seen that I took the time to reply...which made me wonder if the people that I didn't reply to were offended.
I am sure that I am putting a lot more thought into this than is necessary, but I am so grateful for every single person that reads this blog. I am so happy that my Alexandra is touching your lives. I appreciate everyone that reads and I love it when people comment.
So, if you were afraid to comment, please, I welcome your thoughts. And if you HAVE commented thank you I have read what you wrote and I appreciate all of your kind words.


  1. I wonder the same things. I try and go back and read comments but sometimes it's hard to remember how many comments there were before and if there were any new ones. I try and reply to them but I know for a fact I don't always. Don't worry I won't get mad if you don't comment back lol

  2. You'll get the hang of it soon! I have my blog set to whenever I receive a comment, it sends me an email. For most of the people who comment, it will show their address. I don't reply to every single one, but if it's a particularly sweet comment or I want to reply back, I do. It's entirely up to you, this is your blog & space. You can decide whatever you want. :) Thinking of your sweet Alexandra. I hope my Alexandra is taking good care of yours! xo

  3. I was on the May 2010 birth board and was heartbroken when I read what happened to your darling baby. We have never met and have never written each other but I have felt compelled to check in on your blog ever since and see how you and your family is doing. I've never commented on your blog before or on the birth club we were on (not on your post of what happened). I just check in and read your heartfelt entries. I think your so strong and so brave. Your strength to wake up everyday and be a mother to your son and an advocate for your daughter's memory is inspiring. God Bless your Family.

  4. I too check my blog a lot...multiple times per day in fact (and I LOVE comments!)

    I'm sorry you lost your little girl. Just a few days before your daughter was born, my son know I'm figuring this out along with you.

    Come check me out at: