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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bunny Bunny - Part 1

I want to write about something other than Alexandra today. I'm going to write about another innocent soul that was loved and will be missed. This post, and the one to follow are lovingly dedicated to my oldest nephew, who is only 8, but his grief has mimicked mine in so many ways and I hope that people remembering Bunny Bunny, as people remember my angel Alexandra, will one day help him to feel just a little bit better.
About three years ago Steve was out taking our dog for a walk. We lived in an apartment at the time and there was a field along the side of it that we often would walk the dog around. On this day, Steve was out with the dog and I was inside with Dayne. When the phone rang and Steve's cell phone number showed up, I thought the side door had closed and he had gotten locked out. This wasn't the case this time. He told me to throw some shoes on myself and Dayne and come outside because there was a bunny in the field.
I will be honest and say that I was a little annoyed. We lived by a few very large fields, in an area that had a ton of jack rabbits, a bunny was not interesting or exciting to me. Still, Dayne and I headed outside to see this phenomenal rabbit. When we got outside, I saw that the bunny was not a jack rabbit. It was a cute little floppy eared pet rabbit. I went right up to the rabbit and he didn't run away. I fed him a leaf and still he sat there. I knew then that this was someones pet.
As we stood there, wondering what to do, a woman came out of her house and told us that someone had left the bunny there and moved. The cage was over by the dumpster. We decided then that we couldn't leave the bunny there. It would probably not make it through the night and it was getting later. So, with nothing but an empty diaper box, we chased the little bunny around the field trying to catch him. When we finally caught the little guy, who we dubbed Bunny Bunny,  we brought him into the apartment and Steve went to get his cage.
The bunny's cage had a thick, smelly coating of shavings and pee all over the bottom of it. It made me really sad, that's how the bunny lived. I begged Steve to keep the bunny. I was always begging Steve for animals that were in need of homes. It was a switch from a few years earlier when he was the one that would bring home stray animals.
 He said no to the bunny, he didn't think it would be fair to the bunny or to dog. The bunny would have to be kept away from the dog and that meant locked in a room. I sadly agreed. I fed him some snap pees and baby carrots as well as some granola and sat with him for a long, long time. I wanted him so badly. In the morning I emailed everyone I knew and I posted on any website that might have someone that lived close by. I wanted to find the bunny a good home.
I ended up calling my sister to ask her if she could drive the bunny somewhere if we needed to. When she found out about the bunny, she got really excited. She told me that she had always wanted a pet rabbit. So, while her husband slept, she came over to my house and we went and bought food, treats and toys for Bunny Bunny.
My brother in law is a good man. He truly understands my sister's heart. So, while I'm sure he was annoyed that day, when he got up and found that there was a new member to their family, it made my sister happy and that was what mattered. From that day on, the bunny had a life that any other bunny would be jealous of. Spoiled, loved, cared for.

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