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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Poem

A friend of mine had someone write a poem for our little angel Alexandra. I wanted to post it here for everyone to read. We are very thankful to the author and my friend for the thoughts.

Our Lord lifted a little flutterby
A little angel near his heart
She had a gentle way about
A life about to start
So sweet, so quiet, so gentle
One would hardly know her near
Except the love that carried her
So close and oh so dear
Those special little angels
Our Lord lends for a moment’s gift
Are there to just allow a thought
Of what our lives would miss
A temp in time to share a gift
Of life’s stir within to share
The loving touch a little angel brings
Loves gentle whisper near
At a tender time in loves embrace
At the beginning of lives to share
This little gift was gently shared
To bring your lives so closer near
This little angel was only loaned
By our Lord to share your love
To share your lives together close
An eternal bond from up above
She was never meant to live on Earth
As flutterbys seldom are
She was sent to give your lives a kiss
That it’s time for serious love
A family you have begun
A family you are now
Finish the job Alexandra says
And lets get on with making love
Let not your tears for flutterbys
Get the better of your heart
For they are only loaned to us
To give our lives a serious start
Tiny angels passing near
At a moment in a life
To shine upon and warm the hearts
As a family begins its life
You’ve had a gift, a flutterby
A tiny angel passing near
Don’t waste this spark of an angel’s dust
On endless falling tears
For flying near a flutterby
Has passed is oh so clear
Your little angel visited
Now flown home to her Lord near

By Roger Borchert
In thoughts of a little flutterby
Thank you Alexandra you have captured those hearts you visited during your journey

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Melissa for sharing the poem I wrote for Alexandra. I was deeply moved to have received the request for this poem from your friend T.R. As you can see by the poem, Alexandra also reached into a pocket of my heart as well. I also thank your little angel for the gift of this poem.
    Roger Borchert