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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bunny Bunny - Part 2

Bunny Bunny was given another name. His name was to be Po, like the main character from Kung Fu Panda. While he had been given this name, it didn't stick and everyone still called him Bunny Bunny, or just Bunny.
Bunny spent a lot of time outside in the summer. The kids would play in the yard and Bunny Bunny would stay out there with them. He never tried to escape from the yard, he just hopped around eating dandy lions and grass. If you were standing near him, and he liked you, he would hop around you in circles or hop on your feet and love bite your toes. He was a funny little guy and everyone that encountered him loved him.
My sister would pet the bunny every night, when they went camping, she would have me stay at the house to care for the bunny. She trusted that I would spend lots of time with the bunny, take him outside to play and give him as much love as he needed.
Bunny Bunny spent his indoor time in my oldest nephews room. He had his cage in there, with the door always open. He hopped around the room freely and slept in his cage whenever he wanted to.
Bunny Bunny wasn't a lonely pet. He had a big dog to play with. The dog was not a fan of little Bunny Bunny at first, but he grew to accept him quickly. Not long ago Bunny Bunny was joined by two kittens. He slept frequently with one of them. He always had someone to play with, whether it was a human or another pet, he was always close to someone that loved him.
My nephew was as stellar pet owner. He cleaned up after Bunny Bunny, he spent time with him, he pet him and loved him very much.
Because of the love my nephew has for his pet bunny, he was the one that found him on Monday morning. He went to wake up the bunny but he couldn't.
Bunny Bunny passed away peacefully in his sleep sometime in the early morning on Monday, May 24, 2010.
He was the sweetest little bunny that anyone could ever ask for. He was very much part of my sister's family and he will be very sorely missed.
I am so deeply hurt and saddened by what my nephew is going through and how he is hurting. I am also incredibly sad for my sister, who lost one of her babies.
I know that some people don't consider animals part of the family, we are not some of those people. I hope that everyone reading this will say a pray or send some positive energy out for my sister and her family and for Bunny Bunny, who now plays with my angel Alexandra and all the other angel babies.

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