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Friday, May 14, 2010

May 13, 2010

It was two weeks ago that I had delivered my daughter. I wonder when I will stop counting the weeks...when I start count thing the months? My day was fairly full, to keep myself busy. I got up and got Dayne breakfast, I did some tidying and, of course, checked my email. We went to watch my nephew swim, he loves to swim, so seeing him so happy was nice. We went for dinner with my sister and Dayne had soccer.
He played better. He ran after the ball and stayed involved most of the game. He seems to be getting less intimidated by the kids, but still stops short of getting the ball if there are other kids running towards it at the same time. I imagine he'll do well after a few games. It's really cute to watch him play.
The mother of a little boy on Dayne's team with a newborn baby girl was there and sat right behind me, playing with her baby. The noises the little girl made and when she cried really stung. Steve had to work, so I had no distraction to take my mind off the noise and I found it very hard. I wanted to get up and go somewhere else, but I couldn't just leave Dayne, so I sat there. Next game, I'm sitting on the other side of the field from this woman. I do hope she doesn't think I'm rude, I wonder how other people handle these things.
Right before we left for soccer I got some good news about Alexandra's memorial marker. I had emailed some other places, for more prices and I found a wonderful place. The man was kind and polite when he emailed me back, he asked a few questions and even went to the cemetery where Alexandra is, to see exactly what we wanted. He made us a first draft of his idea for the headstone and it looks really nice. I am extremely impressed with this company and this man that is helping us. He also gave us an estimate that will save us, pretty close to half of what the other place was charging, so we are very happy. Now we just need to find a time when Steve isn't working to go there and talk with them. I am so happy that my angel is going to get her headstone sooner.
I went the whole day thinking that it was the 15th and preparing myself for how I would feel on my due date. I even looked right at the date when I checked Dayne's soccer schedule and still it didn't click. When I mentioned it to Steve he commented that there was no way it was already the 15th, so I looked and realized, I had been preparing all day for the wrong day.

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