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Sunday, May 23, 2010

May, 23, 2010

Today when we were at the cemetery I saw some things that really bothered me. First I saw a man walking his dog and smoking, he ashed and flicked the cigarette onto the ground. I was annoyed. I would like to bring my dog to the cemetery, he is a big part of my family and I would love for him to be there with us, but dogs are not allowed. I am a grieving mother, if I can respect the rules of the cemetery, why can't this guy just walking his dog?
Once we were there, I was sitting by Alexandra's grave and I watched as a father, his daughter and their dog ran across an entire row of graves. Why don't people teach their kids how to be respectful in a cemetery? This girl was about 10 years old, she was old enough to know better. Dayne is 4 and he knows not to walk across people's graves, you walk in between. How is that hard?
I was frustrated by the lack of respect. Alexandra's grave is a big mound of dirt still, when the ground there is flat and the grass has grown, will people be running across her grave, without any regard for our little angel buried there?
I tried to forget about the rude people of the world and spend a few quiet minutes there. Alexandra's pinwheel spun away and for a minute I felt peace.
When we left, I was glad to see a group of kids, it looked like a soccer team, they were there cleaning up the graves and headstones of the soldiers. What a kind thing to do. It was nice to see that there are some people that are respectful of the dead and the place where they lay.


  1. The group cleaning the graves were a group of Cadets.It was featured on the CTV news last night

  2. Oh! That makes a lot more sense. They were wearing shirts that look like my son's soccer shirt. Very kind of them to do that.
    Thanks for telling me.