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Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15th, 2010

Right at 7pm Dayne and I sat at the dining room table, candles in hand. I started by lighting a candle we had picked just for Alexandra. A tall, but very thin, white candle, with a little crystal holder.

After that we lit one candle after another until we had 6 candles lit (not including Alexandra's) I thought about how many candles it would take to light one candle for every baby lost, and I wished that no candles needed to be lit, that this day didn't even need to exist, that none of our babies were lost.

We left all of the candles to burn inside for an hour, while we watched and talked and then we put the 6 candles on a plate and brought them outside.

They all melted together, it was kind of neat.
We left the candles to burn until they burnt out.

We even took a picture with Alexandra's treasure bean.

I hope that everyone else had a peaceful night, and had some time to think of all the babies that were lost too soon.