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Monday, October 18, 2010

Question Fifteen

Day 15 - what you like about your house.

What do I like about my house...Well, I like that it's our home, and it feels like it. I LOVE the bathroom, it has two sinks and two mirrors, but not side by side, one is on the other side of the bathroom, at the end up the bath tum, the bathroom is shaped almost like an upside down L, and it's wonderful. I love that my bedroom has two closets, that there's room for Steve's pool table in the basement, that there's lots of room in general, especially in the living room. I love that there's a big bedroom in the basement for when Dayne is older, to have friends hang out, maybe it will even be his bedroom one day.
I fell in love with this house when we first looked at it. It's not the newest house or the most fancy, but it's just perfect for our family.
I don't have any pictures of our house, and I don't have time to take any, but I have one that I took a while ago...while I was pregnant with Alexandra. It's of my dining room, where I'm often posting from. It looks pretty much the same now, only the toys are gone, we organized Dayne's room so everything would fit in it. The dining room is one of my favorite places in the house, there are a lot of great memories there, us eating together as a family and Dayne and I working on his letters (that wasn't the best memory, he's a stubborn guy) and of course, most recently, Dayne's birthday party, on Alexandra's 4 month birthday.
That is also exactly where I sat when I ate pizza for breakfast on April 27th, 2010. Where I started to wonder why Alexandra wasn't moving, where I was sitting when I posted on my parenting website asking "How can I wake my baby up?" Where the fear first started to set in. Like yesterday, I remember that day, and I doubt I will ever forget.

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