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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Question Eighteen

Day 18 - my wedding/future wedding/past wedding.

Well, Steve and I aren't married. Neither of us has ever been married, but be do plan on getting married. Steve proposed to me the year that I got pregnant with Alexandra. Once we found out I was pregnant, the conversation about when we set a date stopped. I wanted to wait until after I had the baby, wait and see how the weight came off, wait until Alexandra could be our flower girl and Dayne our ring bearer.
Talk about when the date will be set again has started a little bit, just batting around possibilities, but nothing set in stone. I have spoken about Banff before and how much I loved it and how Steve proposed there. That is also where we planned to get married. Banff Springs Hotel. People tell us that we're crazy, who would spend that much money on one day, but it's my dream. Steve and I, together forever officially, in the place where so much magic has happened for us.
I have since spoken to Steve about getting married in Vegas next May and having the reception at Banff Springs Hotel. Since we lost Alexandra the place where we get married became less important to me, I just want to get married. I still do want SOMETHING in Banff though.
I have already chosen so much for my wedding. I want the guest favors to be Bernard Callebaut chocolates. They use little triangle boxes of chocolates to make cakes, and I wanted them as both the guest favors and the center pieces. Our colors would be mauve and grey (more silver, but don't tell Steve he has to wear something silver, he will refuse! lol) The main flowers would be lilacs, the bright purple ones. The bouquet's would be made with fresh lilacs...I have yet to pick any other flower.
My dress would be big and poofy and beautiful. Possibly a light purple or with light purple accents, possibly not...the style is more important than the color...It would be a princess dress. My brides maids and maid of honor would all wear purple dresses with silver accents.
All I need is for it to all be pulled together to look beautiful and elegant.
Of course, if we get married in Las Vegas, it will not all work out that way. There will probably be no wedding party, and many of the little details I had planned wouldn't happen, but much of what I would like can still happen at the reception, so I guess we will see what the future holds...


  1. I heart Banff! I heart weddings! I heart your colors! I heart Bernard Callebaut!

    I wish you all the best in whenever and wherever you choose!


  2. OMGOSH! We have been there and stayed there! It is so beautiful! I hope you get your deepest desires!