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Monday, October 25, 2010

Question Twenty Two

Day 22 - a website that has been meaningful since your loss

Wow, this is a tough question for me. There have been so many websites and blogs that have helped me. Reading the blogs of other women have made me feel like I wasn't completely alone in this grief, which is both helpful and incredibly sad. If I'm completely honest with myself though, the most meaningful website for me, has been the Treasure Bean website.
The reason I am choosing this site is because I was completely unaware of any special sites for families that had lost a child. I was on my parenting website (which certainly has been meaningful also) and a woman talked about her treasure bean and how pretty it was. I wondered what this treasure bean site was all about and I went there and looked at all the pebbles and I cried. I was so sad for all those moms, and for myself. My loss was still so fresh and it was bittersweet to see that I was not alone. I looked through each and every pebble picture and thought about each and every one of those little angels and then I requested a pebble for my Alexandra.
That was my first Alexandra name picture and when I got it I can't even describe how much joy and peace it brought me. Someone had taken the time to paint this pebble for me and to take these beautiful pictures, and no doubt she had thought about Alexandra while she did this. It meant more than I ever thought it could. And a few months later, I bought my treasure bean, and it is now home with us, I carry it with me everywhere I go and take pictures with it, because whether we see her or not, Alexandra is there with us.

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  1. I LOVE Treasure Bean! It's one of my most favorite name things I have for Alexandra too. :)