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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Question Sixteen

Day 16 - a song that makes you cry (or nearly).

I never used to be one to cry, but there came a time in my life when the tears came easily and the tears came often...and it was before my loss. I do hate to cry though. There are quite a few songs that make me cry actually, Concrete Angel, by Martina McBride, Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle, Lightening Crashes by Live (LOVE Live) But for this post, I chose Last Kiss, which was originally sang by Wayne Cochran.
My mom used to sing this song to me, so before I had ever heard the actual song, I knew all the words and the song evoked such strong emotions in me. The first time I heard it, I heard the Pearl Jam version and I fell in love with it. I have heard the original version as well, but I will be posting the Pearl Jam version here because I think they did the most amazing job on this song.

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