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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Question Twenty Five

Day 25 - your day, in great detail

My average day is pretty boring. I wake up around 7 - 7:30am and I watch the news while I wait for Dayne to wake up. Dayne usually wakes up between 8:00 and 8:30am, when he wakes up, we have our morning cuddle and then we get up for the day. Dayne usually plays or watches some TV, depending on how tired he is and I get his breakfast ready and make some coffee. I serve Dayne his breakfast and tidy the kitchen and put in a load of laundry if there is any.
Once those few little morning things are done, I will sit down and check my email, post here, read blog, etc. while my show plays in the background.
At around 10am if Dayne needs a bath, he will have his bath, if he doesn't we usually play a game (club penguin is the game he loves right now) Then I will throw the laundry in the dryer, get myself ready and make lunch. What we have for lunch depends on a few long we played (how much time I have) what Dayne feels like eating, etc. We'll sit down and eat and then I we'll pick out Dayne's school clothes, get him all ready for school and head out.
The walk to school is about 20 minutes, so we chat and race all the way to school or practice counting, alphabet, etc. When Dayne goes into the school he will stand at the window and blow me kisses (which he calls kiss blows) and wave until his teacher tells him to hurry up and get his indoor shoes on. Once he's out of sight, I walk back home.
Once I'm home I do a number of different things. I'll do more laundry if it needs to be done, do the daily cleaning, sometimes I'll just hang out and watch TV or go on the internet (which I check on and off throughout the day). The chores or relaxing stops just under 2 hours after I get home when I have to leave to go pick up Dayne.
On our walk home from school Dayne and I chat about his day, who he played with, what he learned, etc. We practice his Korean numbers and phrases at that time also. Once we get home, Dayne has a snack and we play or color in one of his learning books. If I still have cleaning to get done (or if I WANT to do more cleaning lol) I will do that and Dayne will have some time to play or watch a show.
Then it's time to make supper. Steve's work schedule causes supper to be at all different times, sometimes he doesn't get home until very late. If he's home anywhere up until 7pm, we wait and eat with him, if it's later than that we will usually eat on our own. After supper, if Steve isn't home, Dayne will usually ask to play on the computer, so we'll play one of three games at that time (Club Penguin, Poptropica, or Webkinz) until it's time for Dayne to do his bedtime routine, if he isn't allowed to play on the computer that night, or doesn't want to, we'll play any number of other quiet things (last night was playdoh). If Steve is home, they usually play.
Before bed, Dayne has a small snack and then he brushes his teeth, gets his pajama's on and we cuddle until he falls asleep. After Dayne goes to bed is always my relax time. If Steve is at home, we will visit, watch a show, talk about our day. If he's not home I will usually watch some TV, while I surf around the internet until it's time for me to go to bed.
As you can see, my days are all pretty laid back and boring, but it's what I need right easy routine.

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