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Friday, October 29, 2010

Question Twenty Six

Day 26 - your week, in great detail

Well, you will all find my weak fairly boring. Most days are like what I described in yesterdays post, some days have other things thrown in there, I'll some other errands to run while Dayne is at school or I'll go for coffee with my mom and step dad.
Every Thursday I babysit my nephews while my sister is at school. Dayne and I look forward to Thursdays. We always make something fun (yesterday was a gingerbread haunted house!) Dayne gets to play with his cousins and I get to spend some time with my nephews. We have a lot of fun.
Friday is like Monday - Wednesday, and the weekends are slightly more different because Dayne doesn't go to school. Through the summer and fall Steve works a lot, generally seven days a week, so Dayne and I get a lot of time together. In the winter Steve is home a lot more, so we get a lot of family time together. Saturdays Dayne has tae kwon do early in the morning, and then we'll go for coffee or run errands. That is also a day when we will go out with family members, hang out at home or go on an adventure ourselves. Through the summer we usually go to my sister's house to visit with her cats, if she's away camping, we have a nice walk there, stopping at the store and getting some treats and ice cream. In the winter Dayne likes to play outside in the snow, making snow pies for the dog.
Sundays here are a day that I look forward to all week. On Sunday I usually, I'm not looking forward to cleaning my bathroom all week long! But, in the evening, after dinner, once Steve is home from work, we go to the cemetery. We stop at Tim Horton's on the way there and I get some tea, Steve gets a coffee and Dayne gets an iced tea and then I get my few precious moments to sit with my Alexandra. I know that she's wherever I am, I know that, but those few moments in the cemetery mean the world to me. I feel truly connected to her. I tell her I love her, I talk about how silly Steve and Dayne are...I do this thing, right before we leave, Steve will go to the car and I will send Dayne after him and while I bend down and fix her toys (for the 100th time that day) I will say "I love you baby, I miss you" and as I walk away, I always say "goodbye"

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